Comprehensive signage and wayfinding services, working with facilities, architects, and owners.  Successful environmental design will extend branding into space, identify areas of importance and direct the human experience.


A logo is the foundation of your identity and the anchor of your brand. Everything starts here.


Marketing collateral introduces key stakeholders to your organization. An advertisement, brochure, proposal, report, poster, mailer, business card, folder/envelope, etc. - these initial touchpoints kick-off new relationships, reaffirm existing connections and strengthen your organization's reputation. 


Your website is the first or second visual touchpoint every potential customer/collaborator is exposed to, an invaluable (and potentially unforgiving) opportunity for that first professional snap judgement.  The right website can build momentum or even seal the deal.

Report / Presentation

Strategy, writing, data visualization, layout design and coordination of organizational documents, reports, studies, proposals and presentations.

Production Coordination

Design and production are woven together, they must influence each other to deliver truly impressive results.   Printing, fabrication, material specification, branded merchandise - if it takes up space it can be expertly produced.


By recognizing the potential in every client relationship, Meander Fin Creative works to become an invaluable resource rather than a fleeting expense. Open communication, client loyalty, strong strategic voice, simple design aesthetic and unwavering honesty are the keys to service and success. 

Meander Fin’s approach is grounded on personal and professional substance - identifying client goals, project needs, market temperament and potential audience to deliver consistently effective design solutions. 

Steve Friedemann founded Meander Fin in 2007. Born and raised outside Philadelphia, Steve graduated from University of Delaware in 2000 and settled down in northern Delaware.

Meander Fin Creative Studio is a full-service creative and strategic branding firm serving innovative organizations to better execute ideas and implement visual identity. Meander Fin specializes in: identity, print, screen, presentation, document, interactive, event, exhibition, signage/wayfinding, environmental graphic and architectural design services.

Meander Fin Creative elevates the visual and strategic presence of big/small business through creative balance and professional strength. Also love the quirky, personal projects too...


 Steve Friedemann, principal + creative director

Steve Friedemann, principal + creative director